Dental Benefit (Extract from Citizens Information Website)

Under this scheme, the Department pays the full cost of an oral examination once a calendar year.

Since 28 October 2017, a payment of €42 towards either a scale and polish or – if clinically necessary – periodontal treatment, is also available once a calendar year. If the cost of either cleaning or periodontal treatment is more than €42, you must pay the balance – capped at €15 for a scale and polish. There is no cap on the balance charged for periodontal treatment.

Treatment is provided by private dentists who are on the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection’s panel. Lists of dentists on the panel are available on Most dentists are on the panel so you should not have any difficulty finding one. The dentist will be able to check your eligibility and make a claim for you. The claim form will require details such as your Personal Public Service Number (PPS number), date of birth and signature. If you are a dependent spouse or civil partner, you should give the PPS number of the insured person, who will also be required to sign the claim form.