Children’s Dentistry

Having spent 4 years working in children’s dentistry before returning to Navan, Geraldine is particularly experienced and highly adept at working with children. The fact that she is a parent also helps her to understand the challenges parents face when trying to get their children to attend the dentist.

Your childs first impression of the dental surgery is an important and lasting one. At Bridge View Dental we encourage parents to bring their young children with them to their own examination and cleaning appointments, so that the child can take in the surroundings even while watching their Mum and Dad from the buggy! We would suggest that by the age of 4 a child should be encouraged to sit up on the dental chair and have their teeth ‘counted’. At this stage they may even allow some cleaning of the teeth.

Treatment of your childs teeth can range from simple examinations and cleaning, oral hygiene instruction and dietary advice to fillings and extractions where necessary. In the course of a childs development the dentist will ensure that the teeth and erupting (growing into the mouth) in the right position at the right time. In some cases some of the teeth may not have developed or may have erupted into the wrong place. Orthodontics (Braces) may be necessary in such cases and your child can be referred to an orthodontist.

Fissure Sealants

This is a protective coating place on the first adult molar teeth when they erupt into the mouth (around age 6-7 years) and are recommended in certain cases.

Gum Shields

Gum shields are now compulsory for under 18s GAA and rugby. They should be worn for all contact sports and are more successful and fit better if custom-made by your dentist.