Fee Guide 2023

Please use this price table as reference only. Prices may vary depending on the patients care needs and will be discussed at the examination visit.

Treatment Price
Examinations and Preventative Treatment
Exam & Scale and Polish (same visit) €100
PRSI Exam & Scale and Polish (once per year) From €15
Exam (incl. small x-rays) €50
Kids Exam €40
Scale and Polish From €70
Large X-Rays (OPT) €50
CBCT Scan €150
Emergency Appointment €60
Root Debridement per Session €100
Fissure Sealant per tooth €30
Fluoride Varnish Application €30
Hygienist (40 min) €80
Conscious Sedation €250
Amalgam/ Silver Filling From €105
Composite / White Filling €110 – €150
Primary (Milk) Teeth From €80
Abrasion Repair €60 to €80
Tooth Extraction
Routine Extraction From €110
Surgical Extraction From €140
Primary (Milk) Teeth From €80
Root Canal Treatment
Single Root €450
Premolars €500
Molar €650
Crowns and Bridges
Crowns All Ceramic €750
Crown Porcelain Bonded to Metal €700
Veneers €650
Recement Crown €60/unit
Implant retained crown €1300
Bridge All Ceramic / unit €750
Bridge Porcelain Bonded to Metal / unit €650
Post and core €150
Recement Bridge Per unit (min 2 units) €60
Removable Appliances
Acrylic Partial Denture From €450
Full Dentures per Arch From €400
Chrome Partial Denture €1300
Gum Shield (+€5 euro per colour) €70
Bitesplint (Nightguard) €130
Home Whitening Kit €300
Periodontal Consultation €100
Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment Per Quadrant €450
Surgical Extraction €300-€400
Implant Placement €1300
Periodontal Review €80
Facial Aesthetics
Botox One Area €220
Botox Two Areas €300
Botox Three Areas €350
Dermal Fillers 1 Area €350
Dermal Fillers 2 Areas €500

*Tax refund can be claimed against certain dental treatment e.g. crown/bridges and Periodontal treatment. The Med 2 forms are supplied at the practice.

**We offer Patient Finance for dental treatment in partnership with Credit Union Plus, please visit our Patient Finance page to find more information.