When decay has eaten away at the tooth a hole remains. The dentist needs to remove the decay and fill the remaining hole produced, hence the term ‘filling’.

White Filling – Composite/ Ceramic

Composite restorations are fillings that are placed to restore the function and integrity of the tooth. This is required due to tooth loss as a result of decay or trauma. The use of composite filling material allows the dentist to produce a more aesthetic result matching the natural tooth. It is possible that the composite filling will absorb staining over time. This can be exacerbated by consuming staining foods and drinks such as black tea/coffee, red wine or by smoking. The better care that is taken of the teeth, the longer you can expect your filling to remain in peak condition.

Temporary Fillings

Patients often attend the dentist at short notice or without appointments. If a patient has lost a filling or is in pain, a temporary filling material allows the dentist to rapidly place a restoration which will protect the tooth from hot drinks, cold air and bacterial invasion.