PRSI Dental Benefits

What is the PRSI Dental Scheme?

Since 27th October 2017, If you are currently employed and paying PRSI you may be entitled to certain dental treatments, which the government will pay for on your behalf. The rules are straight forward and you can test your eligibility and find out what entitlements you may have at

What benefits am I entitled to?

A patient who is eligible, according to the Department of Social Welfare, will be entitled to one dental examination and scale and polish visit in a calender year. The patient must pay a balance fee to supplement the department’s contribution to the overall fee, as outlined below. 

Scale & Polish, Including Free Dental examination and  X-rays – €15

Do you hold a valid Medical Card? 

There are certain dental treatments provided for you by the state if you are a holder of a valid medical card and are over 16 years of age. The treatments available are:

One Dental Exam per year
Two Fillings per year (when approved by the HSE)
Initial Root Canal Treatments 
Extractions (excluding cases referred to an Oral Surgeon)

How do I find out more information and make a claim?

For more information please go to The claim form will require details such as your PPS Number, date of birth and signature. If you are a dependent spouse or civil partner, you should give the PPS number of the insured person, who will also be required to sign the claim form.