Teeth Whitening

As we age our teeth become darker in appearance. This can be due to staining from consumption of food and drinks with strong colours such as red wine, smoking and various types of foods, but mostly it is a natural phenomenon.

Dentist supervised home whitening

Our dentist will advise the correct choice of whitening kit and make a clear plastic mouth tray for the whitening gel, which is a custom fit for your mouth. The snug fit of this tray will maximise contact between the bleach and tooth surface and minimise contact with your gums. The gel is syringed into the specially made trays and worn at night for two to six weeks. Most people will achieve a result of 6 to 10 times brighter on their teeth, using the home whitening method.

Is tooth whitening right for me?

To determine if tooth whitening is right for you, start by talking to our dentist, who will need to accurately assess the underlying reasons for discoloration of your teeth and advise if you are a good candidate for bleaching. If tooth whitening is recommended, your teeth and gums should be healthy and free of dental decay before you commence treatment.

Some patients complain of gum irritation and a chemical taste in the mouth. A better fitting appliance, made by a dental laboratory, will reduce this risk as its custom fit prevents peroxide leaking on to the gums.

Does teeth whitening cause side effects and can they be prevented or alleviated?

The most common side effect of whitening is tooth sensitivity. This can be prevented before teeth whitening by using special toothpaste for tooth sensitivity for two to three weeks beforehand.

Note: It is also recommended that teeth whitening products should not be used in pregnancy and should be used with caution by people who continue to smoke and drink alcohol.